Okay, I owe you all an apology. I started out with the best of intentions but I did not and still do not know how to find my way around WordPress. And I would only get frustrated and angry with my touring partner, Brian, who  thinks out-loud. A strange quirk that I could not get used to. So I abandoned my blog and because of the mosquitos and black flies everywhere, I did not bother to even try to update until now, I am finally alone in a cabin my myself.

We had a great stay and some fun at the Lake Loise Campground and then headed up the hill into the park. What beauty! I took a  gazillion pictures and we spent our first night up in the cool mountains at Rampart creek Hostel. I had to pay for Brian because he neglected to bring cash. Oh well. Hen was out host there and was simply the most friendly and fun fellow I have met on this tour to date. Had a wonderful enjoyable stay there! Next morning a few clicks up the road I experienced the catastrofic failure of my rear deraileur when a loose bubgee cord pulled it into my rear wheel causing a lot of trouble incuding bent spokes and a wobbly wheel. Ken at the hostel came to my rescue with a 10 speed deraileur that we mad work! 3 hours late we continued on our ride. This is where the incompatability between Brian and me really started to show through the cracks. I quickly grew sick of all the carping and complaining and the constant verbal assault. I just started telling him what he had to do because he refused to think for himself anyway. I took lots mor pics  but began avoiding Brian as much as I could all the while wondering what I had got myself into! We spent two more nights together…one at Jonas Creek Campground where I insisted that Brian go look for firewood. I was sick of doing everything myself by then. I still had to have the fire crackling before he would get out of the fart sack. Sigh. The only toime I saw him happy was when we stopped at the tourist traps where he loaded up on junk food. We had one more night together at the wonderfully well kept and amazingly pleasant Tete Juan Cache Resort  where we ate at the all you can eat buffet restaraunt. And where we met a very pleaseant German couple on a rented camper vacation tour. Next day we went on to Mcbride.

Brian left me without apology or explanation in Mcbride BC. I found out later through a mutual aquaintance that he didn’t like my style. And we were going into a long stretch of bear country after Mcbride and I told him we had no option but to wild camp. Last time I saw him was at the bear warning sign as we were keaving Mcbride. I spent a couple hours looking for him when he did not catch up to me around the next corner. He hid on me and I was amazed and angry but he made a choice and I finally left without him.

Things improved for me immediately, the fun came back into my ride even against a headwind and I made excellent time after that. I wild-camped at a pretty little slough called little La Salle forestry Recreation site. Then the next day I ran into Ken and Jocelyn riding a tandem bike on a cross  Canada. We had a nice little visit and they gave me a tip on a place to stay at Purden Lake resort. That ttturned out to be a badly neglected dive. I don’t know what they saw in it, I wish they had told me nothing because as soon as I got moving next morning I found a wonderful Government campsite a kilometer or so down the road.

Next day I was in Prince George where I picked up a new rear deraileur to replace the one I pooched leaving Rampart Creek Hostel. I rode with the 10 speed deraileur that Ken at Rampart Creek sold me, all the way to my Vanderhoof W/S hosts, where I finally got all my gears back.

Here I am now at friends Justin and Tessa Shultz’ hunting cabin at Drywillian lake where I am having a nice rest and catch up. Then I will be meeting up with my German friend Felix…whom is awaiting a reply at a motel room he had to take, just up the road at Burns Lake. That should be fun! And I leave you now not knowing when my nexy update will be…!



Hoodoos near Faimont shot from truck window.


My sister Colette and her husband Fred

My sister Colette and her husband Fred were kind enought to drive me three hours to Banff from Cranbrook. And I did indeed make it to my Warmwhowers hosts in Canmore…pedaling all the way against a headwind. But at least it was all downhill! 😉

Crunch time again.

After a few relaxing days visiting my sister Colette and her husband Fred, it’s time to start the tour for real. They will be driving me 3 hours north to Banff. Awesome!
I had a chance here in Cranbrook to dial in my bike and my kit. My bike got a new rear wheel and new brake shoes. And I got a new shirt, some new shoes and sent a box of extras back home.
I also had the chance to do a couple short local rides and a fabulous 160 kilometer circle tour! Cranbrook to Kimberley up the paved rail grade…25 kilometers of blissfull non-motorized peace. Then on to Wasa Lake and then the back road to Wardner/Jaffray and then back to Cranrook …40 kilometers with my first tailwind in a week!
From Banff tomorrow, I will coast down the valley to our ‘Warmshowers’ host Paul, in Canmore!


I found Jens, eating and waiting to board the ferry after I left Nelson. He had exactly 15 minutes to eat up clean up and pack up…he made it.
After crossing paths a few times we joined forces and camped together for the evening at Duck Lake near Creston. Jens (pronounced Yens?) is a very pleasant German fellow, a mechanical engineer on sabbatical. He was on a cross Canada on a bike he built up himself ( If I ever remember the brand name I will post it later) and was justifiably proud…and he gave me some good advice on my rear tire wobble. He was also hiding from all computers so no contact info exchanged 😦 I got moving early and he slept in. Maybe we will meet again…

Meanwhile, I set out for Cranbrook at about 9am and made Cranbrook 10pm…just as darkness was falling. I took it as slow as I could go with no injuries this time and I managed a 50 kilometer ride to Kimberley and back today. Fun!
The next few days are going to be a visit and short break so will update with data and pics too if I figure that out.
Meanwhile I will work on my bike and my kit and decide what I really need and send the extra back home. 🙂


I finally got going today at about 3:30. No problem if my first night’s stop was not also my sweet woman’s place…it would have been nice to spend more time together before I left! Well the garden got planted and fenced, so Laura can enjoy the garden while I’m gone 🙂
And I didn’t forget anything show-stopping yet I don’t think. It took me 2 hours 25 minutes to pedal 42 kilometers…about 25 minutes longer than non-touring.
Tomorrow is the long ride…Creston? Likely. Probably farther if weather and body alows. I have one real steep climb out of Crawford Bay after the ferry. The rest to Creston is one small hill after anotther for I think about 70 K.
WiFi will be sketchy now until Cranbrook, I will update when I can. 🙂


Hi all. Many of you, my friends, have been asking if I will be keeping a blog or otherwise informing you of my times, movements and photos on my up coming bicycle tour. This is my first kick at the can…please bear with me. I am hoping that I can pick up enough of this thing called blogging using WordPress to keep you all up to date and in the loop. Such as it is! 🙂